Summer Dream

A magical holiday among the scents and colors of the Dolomites

Endless meadows, the scent of flowers and the Cirmolo that invades the nostrils, blue sky, clear air. Mountains in summer are the reign of relax, wellness and discovers. You could abandon the stress, the everyday concerns and the frenetics rhythms of the city to spend some time with the ones you love.

In our family hotel we want your holidays in Trentino to be unique and because of this we decided to re-discover the true value of time and emotions. Slow down the pace, rediscover the pleasure of talking with people around you and laugh at the little things, do what you like, will allow you and your children to build lasting memories.

To make the time you will spent in our place really special we organize a lot of activities to do all together and other to do separately. We are parents too and we know that grown-up and children sometimes need to spend some time alone. Why? To find themselves even more happy and excited to be together.

Sport, excursions in the heart of the Dolomites to discover nature, horse rides, bicycle tours are only a little part of the activities that awaits for you in our family hotel!

Come visit us to live unforgettable holidays!