For Children

One million adventures in the Dolomites mountains

What better idea is there than to organise two full days outside the hotel just for your children and let them feel grown up away from the watchful eye of mum and dad?

We borrow your children for a couple of hours and entertain them like only the mountains allow us to do.

Excursion to the Ciampedie Kinderpark with our babysitters

Every Friday all children aged 4 to 12 staying at our hotel are invited to participate in a fun excursion to the Ciampedie Playground, a wonderful leisure park at 2,000 metres altitude easily reached by the funicular railway from the Vigo town centre. Our hotel entertainers will keep watch over your children’s every step, and never lose sight of them.

A day devoted to “rock climbing” in the mountains

We’ve got age-appropriate activities for older children aged 7 to 12: a day to try rock climbing with our Alpine nature guides, who are professionals and know the mountains.

Departure time at 9 AM, return to the hotel at 4 PM:

  • Seven hours of pure fun outdoor for your little ones
  • Seven hours of freedom for parents, where you can finally be in charge of your time

Nature excursion: appointment at the mountain hut!

A trip with our nature guides to experience the wonderful nature of our mountains. Two different trails: one for children aged 4 to 12 and one for adults. For both, the arrival point is the Sacine or Monzoni mountains hut, where parents and children meet in the afternoon to share what they’ve seen and learnt.

Adventure Parks

There are three Adventure Parks in the Fassa Valley, where your children can try different trails through the trees according to their age and skills.

Routes composed of tree limbs, ropes, cableways and suspension bridges, where your children can jump from tree to tree with fun and exciting acrobatics in complete safety. Children learn how to find balance, and move from tree to tree like squirrels, all in complete safety.

A thrilling adventure for the little ones, and adults, too!!!

NB: comfortable clothing, tennis shoes or hiking boots. Safety equipment is supplied by the park.

Back at the hotel

To define our hotel as a mountain hotel for children we offer:

  • mini club every day from 4 PM to 10 PM with our babysitters (in the garden or play area)
  • two special dinners (no adults allowed!)

Plus all the things we can do together!

  • unforgettable bike rides along the Dolomites cycling trails
  • thrilling horseback rides through the Dolomites meadows
  • rafting down the rapids of the Avisio River
  • endless hikes along the Dolomites trails
Alberto e Carlotta
Alberto e Carlotta
- The Hotel La Grotta owners -