Marmotta Family Room

A new family themed room: would you like to look for the hidden marmots?

Have you ever met a marmot? These cute pets have fun playing hide-and-seek in the fields and forests of our valleys!

Marmot-shaped chairs, the table looks like a mushroom and the kids can climb and sleep on a tree! The floor looks like a field and your children will have fun looking for the hidden marmots.
On request, you can choose the Family Marmotta suite with a balcony..

Room features:

  • Two connecting rooms
  • A large bathroom
  • Two TVs with Sky and Wi-Fi

The nice inhabitant of the Dolomites is one of the children’s most favourite mountain animal.. For this reason, we have decided to recreate the environment where the marmot lives in one of our family rooms.

At the end of a vacation day, let yourself be inspired by our comfortable room, cwhere you can feel at home and your children can discover their magic refuge! Here they can have fun, looking for the hidden marmots and telling you the stories about this tender rodent!