An Eco-Friendly Hotel among Dolomites Hotels

We live in a region, Trentino Alto Adige, with a full 10,000 fir trees per inhabitant: a real treasure to cherish and love that we, mountains people, have learnt to appreciate since we were children. It is in our DNA!

Eco-friendly family hotel: love for nature, harmony with the environment

We love and respect nature and so we devote special attention to ecology and protecting our environment in every choice we make:

  • Our building has been renovated using 80% CasaClima technology
  • Our water is heated directly by the sun thanks to our solar panels
  • The electricity we use is produced by a hydroelectric consortium
  • Each room has an independent heating system optimising energy consumption.
  • We use only low-energy light bulbs
  • We use primarily local ingredients in our restaurant to reduce the environmental impact of food miles (miles travelled by food to reach our tables) and to rediscover wholesome Trentino produce.
  • We recycle waste

A better future for us and our children

It gives us great pleasure to share the value we believe in with the people visiting us.

Our next goal is to offer our guests vehicles running on clean energy. Is this a dream? No. It’s a challenge. We love challenges, especially environmentally-friendly challenges. They provide an opportunity to grow.

We work hard to take care of the Dolomites mountains!

- The grandfather of the hotel -