Our Staff

Family-oriented management

We are Alberto and Carlotta, the owners of the hotel and parents of two children. We know what family means and we understand how important a holiday together is.

This is why we can advise and help you make your choices, and we created an environment that meets the needs of adults and little ones alike.

Our hotel is a place where hospitality is a constant!

We inherited it from our parents, Sandra and Maria, who started this adventure in 1974 with enthusiasm among the Dolomites peaks, teaching us their passion and love for our job and clients: our most precious asset!

In the kitchen we preserve our winning recipe

Our Chefs are the crown jewels for the most demanding and delicate palates:

Lambert, composer of culinary delights, who has been working with us for 30 years… A poet.
Robert, creator of incredible dishes… An artist.
Armando and Monika, who provide essential support to the chefs.

In the dining room, there are Maurizio, our sommelier, StefanoHeidi and Pasa, our amazing waitresses, who are also the “advisors on the region” and “friends to children”. They love the mountains and know every corner of them. With their friendly smile, they can recommend the most adventurous trail or the most peaceful walk for unforgettable mountains excursions.

Your children’s companions

Alina and Valentina are your children’s best friends, their favourite playmates, reliable and expert “teachers”, to whom parents entrust their children…
Your children will spend magical and carefree hours with them.


Joana is our beautician, a woman with magic fingers. Her massages and beauty treatments will add that extra touch to your holiday.

Order and cleanliness

Cosmina and Ramona are the angels of our hotel.

Thanks to them, we can say that hygiene is one of our winning cards.

Together we take care of you to ensure your holiday is unforgettable!

Our philosophy: respect for everything

Respect for our employees

We share friendship, esteem and cooperation. In this way we create a peaceful environment for friends who visit us, and share a pleasant sense of harmony with them.

Respect for guests

Our guests are not only clients: they are first and foremost people, with whom we talk, laugh and joke. We like to share ideas, experiences and memories, and become friends.

Respect for the environment

We are well aware of how important it is to protect the delicate ecosystem of the Dolomites. This is why we use small and simple precautions every day to protect the richness of the nature surrounding us here in the Fassa Valley in Trentino.

Alberto e Carlotta
Alberto e Carlotta
- The Hotel La Grotta owners -