Gluten-Free Menu

Hotel La Grotta participates to the Project Gluten-Free Nutrition outside the Home.

The Gluten-free nutrition outside the home is a project supported by the Italian Celiac Association. We would like to underline the reason behind our participation in this project:

Sensitivity for a different way of enjoying life

We belong to a chain of businesses well informed on the topic of celiac disease and offering a suitable service meeting the nutritional needs of people suffering from it.

It is an interesting and stimulating trail and here is a brief explanation of what we have done to obtain participation in the Project

  • We attended a course on celiac disease and gluten-free diet organized by the Italian Celiac Association (AIC)
  • We have trained all our employees, both in the kitchen and in the dining room and bar through meetings organised by the Trentino Italian Celiac Association at our hotel explaining all the rules on preparing and serving gluten-free food and avoiding contamination risks
  • We have reorganised our storeroom with gluten-free ingredients and raw materials
  • The local Italian Celiac Association will conduct regular checks at least once a year to supervise our restaurant and kitchen

We thank all our employees working in the kitchen, dining room and bar for their commitment and passion, and their sensitivity to the need for gluten-free nutrition.

Our restaurant is not open to the public, so we ask that you inform us if you need a gluten-free diet upon reservation.

Robert, Armando e Lamberto
Robert, Armando e Lamberto
- The chefs of the restaurant -