The Swiss Pine

A relaxing holiday in the hearth of the Dolomiti Mountains

The Swiss Pine has many properties:

  • Significantly improves the quality of sleep
  • Relaxes and favours the psycho-physical recovery after times of stress
  • Eases muscles after intense physical activity
  • Creates a pleasant balsamic and disinfecting effect
  • The wood fragrance pervades the air and caresses the nostrils

Momenti di Relax in Trentino

Respiratory health and wellness

Being at high altitudes confers physical and mental health and regular visitors to the mountains are well aware of that. Direct contact with nature, hikes, a slow pace and natural landscapes are ideal for rediscovering yourself, restoring the balance of your body and mind and stepping away from daily stress and anxiety.

We have designed specific and exclusive massages and treatments with Swiss Pine for our clients to make you feel like you were in the woods, on a riverbank or in a flowery meadow.

And this is true not only during your walks, but also when you try our dishes flavoured with Swiss Pine.

Recent scientific studies have shown that breathing the scented fragrances derived from Swiss Pine significantly improves the quality of sleep, relaxes and favours psycho-physical recovery in times of stress and fatigue. Non-invasive diagnostic institute of Joanneum Research (Weiz- Austria)

A Trentino wave of wellness in the Dolomites of the Fassa Valley

After the pleasant fatigue of a day spent in the mountains, it is a pleasure to relax at the new Ondina Wellness Centre on the tower of our Trentino wellness hotel. It is also a pleasure for the eyes that admire the Enrosadira on the Dolomites from the tower windows.

A holiday with the aroma of Swiss Pine, in the heart of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

- The beauty expert -